Not many Americans have the opportunity to be tutored in Authentic Italian Cuisine like Kristin Petrucci has.  Her 5 year journey began on her first date with her husband, Italian native, David Petrucci.  He cooked for her and she lost all interest in other men and cuisine.

spaghetti aglio e olio con i gamberi 2
“First date” meal, Spaghetti aglio e olio con i gamberi

Kristin learned to cook Italian dishes by the side of her husband.  He learned the dishes from his mother and she from her mother and he is the last link in the Vinci family that remembers many of these authentic southern dishes that have been passed down through generations and are heartwarming, simple and unique.

Kristin Petrucci is now working on preserving her mother-in-law’s culinary heritage by writing the family recipes.  Teaching cooking classes is another way she is able honor these unspoken family stories passed down from generations.

You can follow her on instagram @buonaforchettaut and see updates on facebook.