Green liquid gold---this divine sauce is so delicious if the ingredients are chosen correctly and a bitter disappointment if not.  Pun intended. You must find the sweetest basil possible--and also an extra virgin olive oil that is fruity and light. We have a very good friend and Italian artisan baker Jo from La Spiga Bakery.  … Continue reading Pesto

il Tartufo

You might look at the picture up there and think it looks like a bag full of dehydrated buffalo chips, but to the well trained eye, and anyone familiar with the lucrative fungus is aware that my husband is holding in his hands a truffle.  It is not chocolate.  No, this is what every culinary … Continue reading il Tartufo

Colazione (breakfast)

Breakfast became so much more fun when I married my love.  You see Italians eat sweets for colazione (breakfast).  Or at least they are much more likely to eat i dolci for breakfast than at any other time of the day.  Nutella is always heavily stocked in our pantry, and much to the delight of … Continue reading Colazione (breakfast)