New chef cuisine inspired from Modena
Raised in grandma’s kitchen trained by elite chefs.
Northern Italy


STEP 1:  Choose one recipe to learn from one of the Tiers.

STEP 2:  Then add any a la carte items for your class!

STEP 3:  Fill out the following form to contact me with what you would like to learn and order on top of that and we will bring you to Italy in your own home, business, or event center and pay your deposit fee to ensure your date is reserved

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*$50 non-refundable reservation deposit (applied toward event)

Private Dinner: contact to discuss the perfect Italian Dinner and price we can create for you!

Private chef: chef Matteo Sogne contact for pricing!

Base Fee $500 up to 8 people

Travel $35 per hour north of Draper, or south of Orem (out of state client pays travel cost)

Tier 1 Base Fee + $35 per person after 8 people  

Tier 1 Recipes
Baked Focaccia with rosemary-Vegan
Grilled focaccia with rosemary-Vegan
Spaghetti algio e olio-Vegan
Simple sauces: tomato basil or butter sage–vegetarian
Ricotta served with European bread–vegetarian
Bruschetta-Vegan–tomatoes, basil, EVOO, sea salt and oregano
Roasted pears w/ balsamic reduction-Vegan
Mushroom sauce-Vegan and/or mushroom cream sauce
Sautéed bell peppers with olives and capers served w/ European bread-Vegan
Lentil soup-Vegan
Pumpkin soup-Vegan
Italian hot chocolate-almost as thick as pudding
almond pizzelle-Italian cookie popular in Abruzzo
risotto cacio e pepe (fresh ground black pepper and pecorino romano cheese)

Tier 2 550; $45 p.p. after 8

Tier 2 Recipes-all sauces are served with pasta
Spaghetti aglio e olio with shrimp
Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti with mussels
Smoked salmon cream sauce
Salsa gialla-some want me to call this Sauce of the Roman Gods 🙂
Gnocchi-served with butter sage sauce–vegetarian
Salmon and sage sauce
Mushroom sauce al tartufo (white truffle oil style)-Vegan
Homemade pasta w/ basic cream sauce
Zucchini shrimp and mint salad or soup
Cauliflower soup-(pinenuts, pasta and raisins makes this unique)–vegan
Red cabbage Risotto (pinenuts, and raisins also a unique combination!)–vegan
Orecchiette (pasta) with anchiove and greens–amazingly delightful

Chicken cacciatore–pollo alla cacciatora

Bigne-Italian cream puff w/ nutella whipped cream fillingLemon Ricotta Ciambellone (Lemon Ricotta Bundt Cake)

Tier 3 $675; $45 p.p. after 8

Tier 3 Recipes
Homemade Ravioli (mushroom ricotta , ricotta, or spinachricotta) –vegetarian
Ragù w/ pasta
Tiramisu–caffeine and alcohol free but my mother-in-law’s recipe is devine
Arancini (fried rice balls with ragù and mozzarella)
Eggplant parmigiana–can be gluten free–vegetarian
Pizza—choose 3 types zucchini; pumpkin flower (in season); potato rosemary (vegan)ricotta cherry tomato w/ prosciutto crudo; margherita; nutella; (all flavors add $50)
gnocchi served w/ ragu  (I bring the ragu and we make the gnocchi together!)
gnocchi served w/ pesto–vegetarian (I bring the pesto we make the gnocchi together!) Gnocchi boards provided for each guest
Ricotta nutella crostatta (Italians version of pie)

Desire to learn more than one recipe? Extra $15 per person.  (example:  gnocchi & ragu)

For recipe description and pictures or more information contact us directly!

google wallet:

Venmo:  @bfork

Check made out to:  Kristin Petrucci

1/2 Payment due two weeks before the event, and final payment due when event has finished.


Classes run 1 1/2-4 1/2 hours depending on what you are learning.


A La Carte:  I bring these items already made and we eat them along with what we prepare!—Each item serves 6 unless otherwise noted.

$10 Insalata Romana (Basic Organic Romaine Lettuce dressed with EVOO, fresh lemon juice and salt—guest favorite!  Cleanses the palate and is so refreshing and light!)

$25 Insalata Caprese (One of the most well known Italian salads, Fresh Snuck Farm Basil, tomatoes, soft succulent mozzarella dressed in front of your guests with EVOO, sea salt and oregano)

$20 Arugula Salad (If in season, fresh young arugula, diced tomatoes, grated pecorino romano or parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and EVOO.  A peppery salad that tantalizes the tongue and is full of antioxidants and bursting with flavor!)

$15 Focaccia al Rosmarino (A full sheet of Fresh Focaccia dressed with Rosemary from our herb garden, sea salt and loads of EVOO.  One of the most sought after breads in Italy and the most craved after one returns from a visit!)—Serves 9 slices

$8 Loaf of Fresh Baked European Bread

$15 2 cups fresh made ricotta (this ricotta will change your way you think about cheese.  creamy, light, and so delicious, you might just hide it away and not share it with your guests!)

$20 Lemon & Ricotta Ciambellone (bundt cake made with our homemade ricotta and freshly squeezed lemons. Topped with a lemon glaze that could be eaten on it’s own!)—Serves 14

$20 Nutella Crostata Serves 8  Think of a lightly sugared pie crust filled with hazlenut chocolate nutella and topped again with that same crust or shortbread laced on top…..this is a crostata.  You can have a fruit crostata instead if desired.

$15 Gelato! Stracciatella (1.5 qt. of Vanilla gelato with delicate strands of semi-sweet chocolate laced throughout the frozen delight.  One of Italy’s favorite flavors!)

$18 Bignet (cream puffs filled with Nutella mousse or vanilla cream, topped with homemade ganache)—6 bignet (you’ll want more I promise!)

$18 Pizzelle (crispy thin cookies famous in Abruzzo, real Almond extract makes these truly amazing and aromatic along with flavorful) 12 cookies

$15 Italian Hot Chocolate (This is more like hot pudding, so thick you almost have to eat it with a spoon… rich, so delicious….so worth it!—goes amazing with pizzelle!  This one I will make on-site.)

$15-1 cup, $25–1 pint Pesto offer your guests the opportunity to purchase pesto made from the finest ingredients!  (Snuck Farms organic hydroponic genovese basil, pine nuts, pecorino romano and a couple other ingredients makes our pesto something you will crave!–Last class I ended up selling the remaining amount I used for my class!)

$5 Infused water (glass water dispenser filled with cucumber and mint)

$2.50 p.p. paper products (plates, bowls, cups and utensils needed for event)


We also offer Private Online Cooking Lesson: $100+

Contact us for Information!

Cancellation Policy: My business is run upon perishable goods and I only book two events per month.

If a cancellation occurs I not only lose the wages, but supplies and fees.

$75 non-refundable deposit forfeited upon cancellation


10%cancellation fee 1 week prior

30% cancellation fee 72 hours prior to event

100% cancellation fee if 24 hours of event