Pasta ai Funghi

As featured on Good Things Utah 1/13/20 Feel free to email me with questions: You can host your own Networking dinner, or Authentic Italian dinner. pasta-ai-funghi-buona-forchetta-utDownload Purchasing Tartuffo--truffles on our way to our wedding

Salsa Gialla–Fox 13 the Place

If you tuned in to Fox 13 the Place you saw me teach this treasured sauce recipe live on TV!  The reason I chose this recipe is because it is one of the most simple sauce recipes we have that can feed a lot of people and provides the second course! Not only that, … Continue reading Salsa Gialla–Fox 13 the Place


Green liquid gold---this divine sauce is so delicious if the ingredients are chosen correctly and a bitter disappointment if not.  Pun intended. You must find the sweetest basil possible--and also an extra virgin olive oil that is fruity and light. We have a very good friend and Italian artisan baker Jo from La Spiga Bakery.  … Continue reading Pesto